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I am.

This 33 year old DJ and music production artist is beginning to gain notoriety and Rightfully so, his music and style are rapidly making a way onto the international scene of (pure)electronic music. As well as locally and nationally.


ES resides in South Haven, Mi., coming out of Grand Rapids, a Central hub that bridges two pillars of the core of all electronic music, the legendary birthplace of beloved House music in Chicago, IL, and the mighty and colossal influence that is Detroit Techno. Ironically ES found a inspirational lack in the linkage of these two foundational sounds in his local scene. In order to quench his thirst for his love and respect of these essential sounds, he was driven to create a new blend that is influence by each of the cities that birthed these genres.


His new found desire lead to mixes that are more than music, experimentation opened an experience. Whether they are telling you a story, or taking you through your inner emotions, the goal is to give you the opportunity to express yourself elementally and expressively on the dance floor, they’re all love. This lead to recognition and releases out of Canada and Germany.


When he sits to work with the sounds, meditation through media transpires, there is no thought put into it, he is quoted saying they “come to and through”. The process brings him joy and if he can share that joy with a number of people, then he’s able to multiply that joy which he says, “it makes me happy”.

Did I do that?


     Chasing Shadows: Kicked off their opening publication with a highlighted interview. Chasing Shadows is based out of Toronto, Canada.

     VISIO Magazing (Removed), find it if you can, that's some old stuff, I might've smoked a little too much weed, whoops haha. If you happen to find it, then read it with a grain of salt. 


Mensla Records

      I released my mix, {Higher Power}, on Mensla Records podcast found on

      {Higher Power} is a hard hitting nightclub atmosphere club mix. I might give you a break in there to stop dancing and catch your breath ;)

      Check out their website, and shoot them a follow on IG, no updates on there, they're just chill like that.

Mensla (@menslarecords) • Instagram photos and videos

Digital Night Radio

     I was featured on Digital Night Radio's podcast, aired on out of Frankfurt, Germany and also available on It's a preview to the full mix which is approximately 2 hours long. But the radio edit does it justice so we hope you enjoy it.

     This mix, {22}, is a bit more refined for someone looking to get pulled into the music as it starts off as more of a meditative techno vibe before getting in to more of that good 'ol techno that runs through my blood growing up so close to Detroit.

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