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This is a tale of my journey. It's all built up to this. My most anticipated release {Architecture}. I'll tell my tale. Buckle up.

The great Architect began sculpting me to His image since birth. My first memory is, "It's really weird looking out of eyeballs". I couldn't understand viewing a three-dimensional world from a four-dimensional perspective after coming to embody my physical vessel from the fifth dimension of existence. This was at the age of four.

I then began to experience sleep paralysis at the age of five. If you've ever experienced it yourself you'll know that it's one of the most frightening things that you can experience. During that time my encounters with the spiritual realm were with a well-known entity that people only believe is a myth, he goes by the name of Sandeman. The natural way of dealing with it was to ignore him and not feed him the energy that he needs to fuel his power. How did I know how to do this? Buckle up...


I'm a highly experience astral projector. I've sailed the seven seas from my bedroom, flying above them as if I am the wind itself. Long story short, I astral projected one night and was flying down M-43 and found myself above my old house that I lived in as a child where I began experiencing the supernatural. I decided to fly down to it and check it out for old times' sake. I opened the door that led to the stairs to walk up to my old room and before I began to make my way I looked up and saw "younger me" standing there, all alone, looking down the stairs back at myself. I looked back at myself for a moment, unconfused as I was in spirit and it made sense, and as I looked a man in a black hat stepped out from a side room and put his arm around me. The man in the black hat is the Sandeman. It gives me the chills to even type about this. I immediately knew the spirit was bad and drew myself back into my current physical body by taking a deep inhale through my nose (the emergency exit when you're in the astral realm). In less than a second, I realized there was work that needed to be done. I astral projected back to the house, found my "younger self", unaccompanied by the Sandeman, and walked myself to my room. I kneeled down and looked myself in the eyes and taught myself how I've learned to deal with the supernatural, how to ward them off and give them no power. I taught myself to protect my Mom from these entities and that I was now the man of the house. I then returned to my body knowing that my work was finished. My most recent encounter with the Sandeman was at HopCat in Grand Rapids, MI downtown location. If you go by the bathrooms there is a picture of him. There are two marks where the eyeballs would be at encrusted onto the glass frame. I attempted for months on end to wash, scrape, anything I could think of to remove the eyes, and nothing could be done. They still exist there to this day.

I fast-forward to fifteen years of age. I began writing raps, we loved some Gucci Mane and kept Thug Motivation 101 on repeat. Everybody wanted to be a rapper. So, I bought myself a nice studio microphone, an interface, my first XLR cable lmao and got to work on a free program. I began recording myself and friends pumping out song after song. I learned how to mix and master teaching myself through trial and error and just playing around with everything, I didn't know the lingo.


In college I got linked up with someone and carried on my rap career for a bit including a hit video on YouTube called "Pretty Bitch", it's in the vault now so good luck finding it. People would holler my name in the mall, wherever I went people knew me. I'm no stranger to this lifestyle. I then went on to start an event company called "KeepItTurnt" which was derived from a show that my college, where I studied Music Industry Management, put on call "Turn Up the Good" which was our first electronic show that we hosted. I threw a party at Ferris and the entire school attended. The state police, county police, and school police were so overwhelmed by the number of people they literally retreated until 5am. We had multiple DJ's, carts with kegs being wheeled around, and shoulder to shoulder room in the entire parking lot of one of the biggest apartment complexes on campus. I think Project X got their idea from this... I had two friends who I allowed to use the name "KeepItTurnt" as I had it trademarked and they threw parties at Western Michigan University. I oversaw everything and made sure it all stayed on brand. The brand was out of hand which kept people begging for more parties. We were dumb and in college though. So as I matured I shut everything down after a sold-out crowd at Wayside West.


I then began to open up a bit more to electronic music. I went through my journey of bootlegs that incorporated rap as my introduction before moving into dubstep. From dubstep I moved into house music, then into progressive house, and finally my forte, TECHNO. House, Techno, Love, man!!!

I have international attention being played in Ibiza along with many other countries. I've been featured on international radio and now I'm spreading my market across the United States gaining traction from coast to coast in a matter of weeks.


Is it as easy as it sounds? FUCK NO.


I've suffered three traumatic brain injuries (two of the three severe enough that they SHOULD have killed me), survived a three-and-a-half-year episode of psychosis (statistically the odds are I would have killed myself), which I honestly almost drank myself to death four times trying to cope with the voices in my head that were there 24/7. I literally died of alcohol poisoning four times and woke up gasping for air. Even in my sleep I could hear the voices. Good luck getting quality rest to come out of psychosis with that going on. Psychosis is a state of deep meditation which I entered after my PTSD was triggered from being robbed. I would stay up all night to protect the house while I lived with my mom getting my life together. I ended up losing my appetite so then I was fasting on sleep and food. The psychosis I entered through this fast led me into a paranoid state where I didn't even trust the water I drank. My mom took me to the Kalamazoo Mental Hospital that I pleaded not to go to because I had a bad feeling about it. I got there and they ended up giving me an injection. I was not compliant to take medication as I thought everyone was trying to kill me because I wouldn't start selling this newfound drug. I thought there was some big conspiracy that my Mom and her friend were trying to get me hooked on a new experimental drug that mimicked fentanyl and heroin. I thought they wanted me hooked on it so we could all do it and not hide it and we'd all be able to push it together and make it a worldwide drug. When they gave me the injection, I fought it with all of my might to stay awake, I made it until 6am when they discharged me. I got home and hadn't slept at all in countless days, haven't ate in countless days, I went three full days without drinking water. I was so deep in psychosis that I thought they shot me up with LSD-25. I put on a cartoon when I got home and it was just like you would imagine if you were dosed on LSD-25. I was so paranoid I thought they rubbed a liquid form of the drug onto the faucets, I though they injected in into the water bottles, into the food, there was nothing I could do. I finally reached the point of being so thirsty that I got a cup of water from the fucking sewage pond at the apartment complex. I put a little in a dish and my dog wouldn't drink it so I left it and took her advice. I laid on my right side and my heart was about to explode and my shitzu who I was connected with in my state, nudged me until I laid on my left side and took the pressure off of my heart. She then laid down next to me and we rested although my mind was still in torment.


That night I began to think that my mom had truth serum that would keep you awake for days and she was spraying it in order to kill me (this actually exists as a method of torture). I would lay on the floor next to the front door with it open to breath in fresh air. She would follow me but I'm pretty sure she was just throwing Holy Water on me. She tried to get me to take a Xanax but of course I thought it was a death pill. Wouldn't smoke the bowl she packed either, thought it was laced. There was no escape.


She then called the cops so I could get medical attention. I didn't trust them. I asked for water from the gas station and they brought me a bottle from our apartment. So I said fuck it, if they want me dead that bad I'm thirsty so I'll drink it and join my Father who art in Heaven and leave the suffering behind me. I accepted death as family. Death was my spirit.


When I got to the hospital, I realized I had fight left in me, I took their medicine and fought to stay awake yet again because I thought that once I fell asleep, they were going to euthanize me because I thought the nurse had been paid off by one of the "plugs" because I knew too much information. I had a vision of my grandmother who had already passed on in the form of a dandelion. I could hear everyone's voice. Even the nurse from the mental hospital in Kalamazoo. I began thinking that he was the ring leader, or "the kingpin", that was overseeing the entire conspiracy to introduce this new drug to the world. I stayed awake until they wheeled me off to the mental hospital.

I entered the mental hospital during COVID, so we were all kept separate and confined. The worse thing for someone in psychosis. I was going insane from being isolated so I lied my way out of there, I told them I didn't hear voices anymore and they finally released me. Then three and a half years later I finally told someone they never went away, not even for a second. By this time, I realized what they were, this is my website, so I'll say it, they are what Buddhists call "thoughtforms". They are thoughts that exist in the air. I taught myself how to decipher these thought forms in order to exist with them instead of going mentally insane. It was lockdown, I was in psychosis from the moment I woke up at 6:30am until I went to sleep at midnight for 6 months, this is where I learned patience. I got an unemployment check, ran away to Grand Rapids and I found my peace in the most stressful of conditions. Everyone abandoned me. I had no one. Nobody would trust me. Nobody wanted anything to do with me. I was EXHILED. Everyone assumed that I was partying and just giving my life away to alcohol and drugs.




Not only was I living with THREE traumatic brain injuries, but I was also going through the most severe, mentally tormenting experience that you can possibly imagine, and you can't even imagine it. You can't feel what I felt.


So no, you're not going to understand.


I channeled all of this energy and put it into music. I only make music in a sober state of mind so when I make my music it is Pure. Oh, and don't forget that I have three traumatic brain injuries that should have killed me as well, just a friendly reminder because I already know you'll forget how much I've actually been through and why I'm so grateful to even exist whether I'm on the streets or in my Mom's apartment. I don't blame you, there's literally too much to remember. Anyway, as I said I'm already international, I'm played coast to coast in the U.S., I started from the bottom and in God's eyes, I'm here. Whether the world sees it that way or not. I don't give a flying fuck about anything but my spirit and the purity of my music and those who appreciate me.


For those of you that have been "through it", and when I say, "through it", I'm talking severe demonic attacks, symptoms of schizophrenia, drinking yourself to death then waking up gasping for air, gangs putting pressure on you so that you have no choice but to retaliate, and doing it all alone, just know that I'm with you in Spirit. Call on your Higher Power, the God that you believe in and ask him to grant you life. You WILL persevere.


Oh, did I mention the demons that were raised in the tunnel on the Westside of Grand Rapids? They go by the names of Beat Rat, Frog, and Bug. They attached themselves to me when I discovered the tunnel and walked through it. Beat Rat immediately manifested himself when I walked out of the tunnel, there was a dead mole on the sidewalk a few blocks away. They continued to manifest themselves until I deleted all of the pictures, I took in the tunnel off of my phone. Don't forget, psychosis is nothing but a deep state of meditation putting you in touch with the spiritual realm, people just lose their shit because they don't understand it. Then, when nobody believes you and you understand it, that'll drive you insane too because you know you're the one that's truly sane and have it all figured out and I had it figured out once I got a grip on reality, there was no drug conspiracy. I was simply in a deep state of meditation which then brought me peace. No worries.


So, how did I become who I am? I overcame temptation and physical desires of pleasure that my body craved. I dissolved my ego. I became who I am through MEDITATION. I fasted on sleep, food, water and pleasure just as Jesus did in the desert for 40 days. I accidentally put myself so deep in meditation that I existed in more of the spiritual realm than the physical for all of these years. I'll never be the same again and I wouldn't have it any other way. So yeah, you could say I'm a bit of a spiritual dude, and no, that's not Messiah Complex, it's a spiritual awakening.

I only give credit to the Holy Trinity. I am not alone.


Anyway, there's a little bit of my story about how the Great Architect made me who I am today.

That's how He does that.

So, through Him, I give you, {Architecture}. Enjoy.

P.S. If you want to know more, just ask me lol.

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